Stingers Mocha~ 

            White Chocolate Mocha with swirls of Caramel, topped with whipped cream and even more Caramel Swirls! 

            Available Hot, Iced or Frozen! Our Most Popular Drink by Far!

Cafe Mocha ~

            Dark Chocolate with Espresso and Milk!  A Chocolate Lovers Dream!

            Available Hot, Iced or Frozen!

Vanilla Latte~

            Vanilla Flavoring with Espresso and Milk!  Or Try a New Flavor!  Stingers Has over 30 Flavors!!

            Available Hot, Iced or Frozen!

Cafe Americano~

            The Freshest Coffee you can get in town!  Made to order just the way you like it!

            Available Hot or poured over Ice!

Frozen Creams~

            Similar to our Frozen Lattes, just without the Coffee!  You can still have ant of our 30+ Flavors!

            Blended up just how you like it!

Frozen Fruit Smoothies~

            Ask about todays selections!  We usually have a full variety from Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Mango,

            Peach to Triple Berry!!

Hot Chocolate~ Only the best in town!  Made from a blend of rich White Chocolate and Decedent Dark Chocolate

            and Steamed Milk!  Your choice of Marshmallows and/or Whipped Cream on Top!  Even sprinkle a bit of

            Cinnamon on Top for a hearth healthy treat!

Hot Teas~  A large variety of Black Teas, Fruit Teas, Herbal Teas and Decaffeinated Teas!